$150 Kitchen Renew With Fresh Paint & Flooring

Anyways, I am very happy with the paint color and the flooring choice. They really do serve the purpose of updating and freshening the space. On the positive side this kitchen does have a gas stove, which I have never worked with before. I know now why house hunters on HGTV insist on a gas stove, the difference in heat time is amazing.
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In the area above the kitchen sink I’ve hung a sweet reminder for us to know that no matter how frustrating standing at that sink and attempting to clean dishes without causing a flood throughout the kitchen is, this is the kitchen we share together. No matter the functionally of this kitchen, its our home for the time being, our first space together.
Oh and that flower is sitting in a random inch wide hole in the wall, covering the eyesore 🙂

Materials I used for this project:

  • OLYMPIC ONE Interior Paint   (Lowe’s Home Improvement)
  • Trafficmaster Ceramica   (The Home Depot)


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