Can’t Commit to an Inground Pool so We Improvised

After. It has been up for a year and no problems. Neighbors and family just love it and so do we. We can always take it out and fill up the hole. Total cost was about $700. That being said I should really clarify that the pool was on clearance( sometimes you can find them for free.) I got my bricks free by agreeing to remove them out of someone else’s yard. The 2X6 were scrap pieces but I did have to buy a couple. And last but not least my son used the tractor to do the work, we rented the tractor which was not expensive at all because we only needed it the day. And the water it took to fill up the pool was not even $10 as we have a private well and filled up over several days so it didn’t run dry and electric rates are WAY cheaper than water rates, at least where I live. So you can achieve this on a budget if you really work hard and be creative and look for FREE THINGS
  • can t commit to an inground pool so we improvised, pool designs

Material I used for this project:

  • 2×6, pallets, intex pool