Organize Your Entryway in a Day With a Corner Unit

STEP 1: Measure your space
Measure the corner you’d like to utilize. Ours was 12″ x 14″. Because we wanted to utilize the entire area, we decided to buy new wood from the hardware store as wide reclaimed planks were hard to come by at our local reuse store. 1″x12″ select pine boards were inexpensive and I knew I could give them character with the right amount of paint.
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STEP 2: Distress your wood
I wanted the shelves to look worn, not new, so I took our magnetic 4 in 1 drill chuck key, attached it to a hammer, and made a bunch of marks all over the new plank of wood. When I go to stain the wood later, these divots will take the stain differently and really stand out giving the wood a more “used” feel.