Pretty Hangers for Our Newly Organized Coat Closet

Wood hangers make a great choice for a coat closet because they are super sturdy for heavy coats and jackets. I invested in a set of wooden hangers when we first moved into our home, and they’ve held up great. So much better than the the hodgepodge of wire and plastic hangers that I used to use, which often wound up bent or broken under the weight of our coats.
But despite the functionality of our wood hangers, I didn’t love the way they looked with our brand new coat closet system. There were just too many different colors of wood going on in the space.
If you’re rolling your eyes at me right now, that’s ok. I know it’s a super picky little thing. Which is exactly why I couldn’t justify spending the money to replace all of the hangers with the chic chrome ones I really wanted. But I could afford a can of $3 spray paint…so the wood hangers got a makeover!
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