How to Remove Embarrassing Bathroom Odors, With an “MG”

Making sure to follow the installation instructions your toilet will be “MG” equipped in no time. Make sure the nothing rubs or catches on anything, remount the water tank to the bowl, connect the water supply hose and check for leaks.
  • how to remove embarrassing bathroom odors with an mg, bathroom ideas, how to, Here it is all done and ready to go

    Here it is, all done and ready to go.
While installation can be a bit of a job, once done, its done! You will never need to buy messy aerosol sprays or drops ever again and you and your guests will experience true luxury and peace of mind that only an “MG” equipped toilet can provide.

Materials I used for this project:

  • SR/1 “MG” Toilet Odor Venting System   (mgequipped.com)
  • 20 feet of 1.5″ Black ABS vent pipe   (The Home Depot)
  • 25 feet of 4″ flex ducting   (The Home Depot)

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To see more: https://www.mgequipped.com